A Visionary Transformation for Success

Timberbrook guided Opticom CT's transformation from classic cabling to cutting-edge audio/visual with a comprehensive website redesign. Through collaboration and strategic pushback, Timberbrook delivered a fresh digital identity and robust SEO, propelling Opticom's year-on-year growth by 75% and driving a 190% increase in organic traffic. The result: A powerful, easy-to-manage web presence reflecting Opticom's innovative vision.


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Web Design, Digital Marketing Strategy, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The Challenge

Opticom CT, transitioning from a classic cabling company to an innovative audio/visual company, needed a fresh digital identity reflecting this change. They initially sought simple website modifications, but due to a messy backend from previous web designers, a full website redesign was recommended to better serve their needs.

The Solution

Timberbrook embraced the challenge, embarking on an eight-week journey to breathe new life into Opticom’s web presence. The process involved building a new color scheme, website template, and persuasive copy. A collaborative approach was employed, with regular client meetings to ensure alignment with Opticom’s vision while strategically pushing back when necessary. Post-launch, the website was optimized for SEO, enhancing speed, schema, and tagging, to ensure visibility in search results.

The Results

The successful redesign yielded significant growth for Opticom CT, with a year-on-year expansion of 75%. SEO enhancements resulted in a 190% increase in organic traffic, underscoring the effectiveness of the project.

The Aftermath

Post-launch, Timberbrook designed a digital marketing strategy, handing over a robust, easy-to-manage system that the Opticom team could operate in-house.

“The Timberbrook team built us a website that we could only begin to imagine. They held our hands the entire way and helped us not only think of the website, but the bigger picture.”

Cynthia Wells, Technology Sales Manager

This project underscores Timberbrook’s commitment to adaptive, comprehensive digital solutions that fuel the growth and success of its clients. From resolving complex backend issues to boosting SEO performance, Timberbrook delivers top-notch results that propel businesses forward.

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