From Predatory Marketing to A Profit-Generating Digital Presence

APR Roofing was caught in a costly marketing trap, yielding just 1-2 leads per month. Timberbrook Marketing intervened, launching a targeted website and PPC campaign that generated 50 new leads in the first month alone. With a steady stream of leads, especially during traditionally slow periods, APR Roofing has transformed from a business in crisis to a thriving enterprise.


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Web Design, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising, Digital Marketing Strategy


APR Roofing, a well-established Connecticut-based home improvement company, was entangled in an unprofitable marketing situation. They had spent over $10,000 on a single-page website and were paying an additional $3,000 per month on advertising, only to receive a measly 1-2 leads monthly. With money flowing out and minimal returns, APR desperately needed a way to stop the hemorrhage and transform their online presence.


APR Roofing approached Timberbrook Marketing with a twofold objective. Firstly, they needed a user-friendly website that effectively reflected their expertise and services. Secondly, they wanted a reliable source of high-quality leads that could keep their employees engaged and drive sustainable business growth.


Understanding the urgency, Timberbrook Marketing took swift action. The team kicked off the project by identifying APR’s target market, service area, and business timings. Subsequently, an SEO-friendly website was developed within 6 weeks, designed to educate and convert customers efficiently. This was coupled with a PPC campaign, strategically targeted towards prospects with high conversion potential. The campaign was geography and demographic-based, ensuring a laser-focused, cost-effective approach that could yield high-revenue conversions.


The results were instant and overwhelming. In the first month post-implementation, APR received 50 new leads, a number that further increased in the second month. This was an unprecedented improvement from the 1-2 leads they were receiving previously. The newly implemented strategies also ensured a steady flow of leads even during historically slow months.

Ongoing Relationship

APR Roofing continues to partner with Timberbrook Marketing, maintaining a monthly client relationship. The trust and partnership built over the course of this project have led to a durable and mutually beneficial relationship. As quoted by the client, “I put my full trust in Timberbrook Marketing. They cut the bullsh*t and told me what I needed to hear. I will be forever grateful for their work.” This alliance continues to strengthen, promising more years of growth and success.

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