Empowering TargetCare Through Strategic and Cost-effective Marketing

Timberbrook Marketing empowered TargetCare's team, turning a marketing bottleneck into an efficient, effective operation. With strategic, cost-effective measures, we dramatically improved their site traffic, reduced the workload by 50%, and transformed their marketing strategy, all while acting as a supportive extension of their team.


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Digital Marketing Management, Web Design, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising, Digital Marketing Strategy, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Marketing


TargetCare, a wellness solutions provider, was stuck in a rut with a lone marketing manager struggling to scale the business. While they had HubSpot in place, it was underutilized, serving mainly as a CRM and email blast tool.


TargetCare needed a comprehensive marketing strategy and effective execution to match their growth goals. They aimed to maximize their usage of HubSpot and get a handle on industry best practices without expanding their team.


Our first step was to thoroughly understand TargetCare’s needs, capabilities, and challenges through stakeholder interviews. The insights gleaned were used to develop a tailor-made marketing strategy and optimize their website for conversion rate and user experience.

We implemented a mix of SEO, LinkedIn Ads, social media, and marketing automation tactics to boost awareness, generate more leads, and nurture leads effectively. The strategies were chosen for their cost-effectiveness and ability to deliver significant results on a lean budget.


Our collaborative approach empowered TargetCare’s marketing team to execute their ideas optimally. By setting up marketing and sales automations, we reduced the team’s workload by over 50%. Our organic and paid campaigns led to a staggering increase of over 1200% in site traffic.

“I was able to finally breathe with Timberbrook Marketing. Not only did they help take me out of being in the weeds, but their knowledge of marketing technology and trends helped us to pinpoint our focus and accelerate our growth.”

– Kate Livermore, Marketing Manager

Ongoing Relationship

Our relationship with TargetCare has blossomed into a long-term partnership where we act as an extended arm of their marketing team, offering expert services at a fraction of the cost.

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