A Website Overhaul Fuelling Exponential Business Growth

Timberbrook partnered with Control Station to overhaul their outdated website and kick-start a robust digital marketing strategy. Our tailored approach resulted in more than a 100% revenue increase, a constant flow of high-quality leads, and an enduring partnership that continues to drive Control Station's growth and market presence.


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Digital Marketing Management, Web Design, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising, Social Media Management, Digital Marketing Strategy, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Marketing

The Challenge

Control Station, a burgeoning manufacturing automation software company, was ready for growth but faced the typical small business conundrum – a clear vision but limited resources and expertise for its implementation. The biggest hurdle was their dated website that no longer reflected their brand’s innovation and scope.

The Goal

The primary aim was a comprehensive website redesign that accurately represented Control Station’s new brand identity and messaging. Post-launch, the company sought a reliable partner to handle their social media, email, and digital marketing efforts.

Our Approach

We dove into a 12-week intense website redesign project, providing an iterative process that allowed for consistent feedback and collaboration. We simplified the complex process for Control Station, allowing them to focus on their business while we delivered a platform that echoed their brand’s renewed strength and uniqueness.

The Strategy

With the website as a strong foundation, we shifted gears towards lead generation and nurturing via Google Ads and email marketing. This funnel approach allowed us to attract, nurture, and convert potential leads effectively. Google Ads and email were chosen for their cost-effectiveness and measurability.

The Result

Control Station experienced more than 100% revenue growth post-website launch. The combination of a fresh digital presence and strategic marketing campaigns resulted in dozens of highly-qualified leads every month, funneled directly to their sales team.

Ongoing Partnership

The success of our initial partnership has led to ongoing work with Control Station. Even as they onboarded an in-house marketing professional, our focus on digital execution enabled us to continue our relationship and increase the efficiency of their marketing team.

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